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    40 hp
    77"H x 48"W x 30"D
    850 (LBS)
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    The TrapBlaster™ supports two modes of operation:
    FullAir mode - 120 CFM/100 PSI of dry air delivered to the TrapBlaster running Full Air Mode. Usually this can be accomplished using a 30 to 40 HP air compressor depending on air compressor manufacturer, air dryer used, pipe configuration and altitude.

    AirSaver mode - For lower volume shops get your filters "FSX Clean" with a minimum of 60 CFM/ 100 PSI of dry air delivered to the TrapBlaster, typically with a 20hp or greater compressor. AirSaver mode has been certified to clean filters just as well as FullAir mode. With a smaller air supply and alternating upper and lower air blast nozzles, the same level of cleaning is performed by extending the process time.

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    Fume & Smoke Extraction, Inc.

    Cleaning diesel particulate filters is the life blood of FSX. Our machinery has been proven in our own cleaning operations long before it is made available to customers entering into the business of cleaning DPF. We make sure that buyers of FSX DPF cleaning equipment have the same machinery that is utilized in on our own shops. The FSX Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning equipment equates to quality assured. FSX manufactures and distributes diesel particulate filter cleaning equipment utilized in the trucking, transit, off-road, railroad and power generation. Utilizing FSX DPF cleaning equipment assures that the user will get the maximum life possible between cleanings, plus maximize the overall life of the DPF or DOC.

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