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    Wuhan Gaonengda Laser Industrial Developing Limited

    our company specializes in developing and manufacturing laser equipments. since its establishment in 1995, it adheres to the principle of market-oriented and innovation. gnlaser has developed its unique products in the field of laser processing equipments and achieved remarkable technical breakthrough. recently, in order to meet the characteristics and demand for laser equipments market, gnlaser has developed four-type machines which consists of more than twenty specifications, such as laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, laser marking machines and laser welding machines. our products can be applied to various industries for processing textile & fibre, trademark, embroidery, leather, advertisements, arts&crafts, package, print, meter, electric, machinery, mould, model, food, sanitary and mineral, etc.on the basis of advanced technology,we are to develop new products of high quality,improve after sales service and take our own advantages to promote the development of laser machinery.