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    GCI Refrigeration Technologies, Inc.

    GCI Chillers Direct, Inc. was founded in 1958 as Peuchen Inc. to make liquid chillers for the young plastic industry. In 1982, it was merged into GC Industries. The company does business globally. The philosophy of the company has remained the same over the years; to spend the time to help our customers select the right chiller for their application, then to provide the highest quality, most durable equipment at very competitive prices. GCI has always been willing and able to customize our models to exactly meet our customers' needs. For example, we have provided totally redundant refrigeration circuits to provide an extra measure of safety for critical manufacturing processes. We provide units for hazardous atmospheres, low-profile chillers to fit beneath extrusion tables, and , of course, high-ambient, low-ambient, indoor, outdoor, and split systems. GCI does considerable OEM volume with customized compatibility to match other machine manufacturer's needs. This includes customers who design and build metalworking and plastics machinery, electrical equipment, vending and dispensing machines, printing and packaging equipment, precision cleaning, coating and finishing equipment, lasers and environmental chambers.

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