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CNC (Fanuc)
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    35.43 "
    236.2 "
    61.7 hp
    عرض عجلة التجليخ
    3.937 "
    قطر عجلة التجليخ
    19.69 "
    CNC (Fanuc)
    25200 Kg
  • نظرة عامة على المنتج

    In the SRA plane surface grinders both the vertical and transverse axis are precisely controlled by the CNC

    The machine is able to store sequence and execute up to 6 different cycles at a time .
    There are multiple dressing possibilities with automatic wheel diameter compensation and different parameters can be programmed for roughing and for finishing either for grinding as for dressing what assures getting always excellent results.

    The machine capacities available go from 1000x600 mm up to 6000x1000 mm.

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  • عن الشركة
    Ger-Máquinas Herramienta, S.L.

    Since its beginnings, more than ten decades ago, ger máquinas herramientas s.l. has been dedicated to the exclusive manufacturing of grinding machines. backed up by its 60 years of experience, ger currently provides all types of grinding solutions, for both flat and cylindrical surfaces, tailor-made solutions for each requirement. the ger trademark is nowadays trusted by numerous customers all over the world; a trust won and based on the constant effort in overcoming quality, service, and providing technological innovations. it has a wide range of models for flat surface grinding, which go from lengths of 400 mm to 6,000 mm, widths from 200 mm to 1,000 mm in hydraulic and cnc versions. the main users of this type of machines are die, mould, tooling and general machining manufacturers. in cylindrical grinders, the range goes from 450 mm to 6,000 mm in distance between centres, with swing capacities from 250 mm to 1,000 mm., in hydraulic and cnc versions. the main users are the car, tool manufacturers, tooling and general machining auxiliary sectors.

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