• المواصفات
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    11.023 T
    3.937 "
    ارتفاع الغلق
    11.02 "
    عرض الفراش
    19.69 "
    طول الفراش
    15.75 "
    1,20 x 1,00 x 2,00 m
    ± 1.000 kg
  • عن الشركة

    Schoen company is among the 3 sole sellers of fully hydraulic fine blanking automats of the world. Hydraulic presses made by Schoen are traditional and have been manufactured since more than 30 years in Hattingen. The presses from Schoen, weighing from 5 to 1000 tons, are used worldwide with well-known car manufacturers like VW, DAF, Opel. Presently successful negotiations for a partnership in China are being held. Schoen company is domiciled in the valley of Ludwigstal and employs highly qualified staff. Schoen's management is now, in view of the good business situation, striving to further invest into the development of hightec presses in order to be always one step ahead of competition. We produce hydraulic production presses and fine blanking presses for any fields of non-cutting metal processing. Design and equipment can be tailor-made for every single application.

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