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    Hydraulico, Inc.

    Hydraulico as was founded in Denmark in 1946. The company manufactures large straightside, hydraulic presses for deep drawing from sheet metal of stainless and mild steel as well as aluminium. The hydraulic presses are used for manufacturing products such as wheel barrows, suitcases, containers, sinks, bathtubs, automotive parts, gas cylinders, pots and pans and window fittings. Hydraulico has delivered more than 4,000 presses during the company's more than 60 year history for customers in about as many countries. The press capacities range from 100 to 5,000 tonnes and presses are all tailor-made to customer specifications. The product programme also includes blanking presses, squeeze-forming presses, cold-forging presses and laboratory presses. Hydraulico has established itself worldwide, including facilities in the USA, and today the company prefers to focus on the complete range of technologies related to manufacturing with hydraulic presses.

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السنة: 2007
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