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    JAFO Jarocin Machine Tools Factory S.A.

    producer of milling machines for metal working, conventional and cnc. we produce accesories and equipment for above as well. we have the pleasure to introduce you our offer from jarocinska fabryka obrabiarek spólka akcyjna -jarocin machine tool factory joint stock company with eadquarters in jarocin. our company has 50 years tradition in production of milling machines and equipment for metal working on worldwide markets. at the moment the majority shareholder of the factory is a swedish partner. permanent contact with the swedish partner gives us access advantages to most modern chievements in the field of machine tools. our products were frequently awarded golden medals on international poznań fairs, and are exported to countries of western europe, americas and africa. the specialistic machinery background we have in our production machinery park enables us to extend our offer with mechanical machining and treatment services on consigned material and also production services of machinery and subunits assemblies according to customer supplied documentation. we hope the high quality of products offered and professionalism of services will create that co-working with our company will provide good benefits and a lot of satisfaction. 1. own production assortment and sales offer. we produce a wide range of milling machines for working metals and individually configured options of special equipment to satisfy many customers. we propose our goods in following assortment groups. 1. conventional knee-type milling machines: a. series ff with table size 320 x 1300 mm - horizontal fxf32, fwf32 - universal horizontal/vertical fwf32j2, fwf32ju2 - vertical fyf32j2, fyf32ju2 b. series fr milling machines with table size 400 x 1400 mm - horizontal fwr40, fxr40 - universal horizontal/vertical fwr40j2, fwr40ju2 - vertical fyr 40j2 , fyr40ju2 c. series fs - universal fws32 - vertical fys32 the series fs milling machines were awarded a gold medal on international poznań fair 2001. 2. cnc knee type milling machines: a. series fyn with table size 500 x 1400 mm -single vertical spindle fyn50nd -with twin spindle head fyn50nd2 b. series fr with table size 400 x 1400 mm -universal fxr40cj2 -vertical fyr40cj2 2. own production equipment a. for conventional milling machines series ff and fs - ffx vertical and askew milling head - ffz universal two plane swivel head - ffj slotting attachment - ffd rotary table with mechanical drive - fjfb-250 universal dividing head b. for milling machines series fr - frx vertical and askew milling head - frz universal two plane swivel head - frd rotary table with mechanical drive - fjfb-250 universal dividing head - frj slotting attachment c. for cnc milling machines - measuring probe - rotary table nc type fnd 320 – awarded gold medal on international poznań fair 2000 - software for data transmission pc-fyn - linear scales with digital readout - high speed spindle speeders 3. machines tools repair and overhaulings. we also offer professional overviews, repairs, periodical repairs/ overhauls and capital overhauls various types of machine tools.on customer request the range of overhauling can be individually agreed upon. 4. industrial services in mechanical machining and treatment. we render high quality of industrial services in mechanical machining and treatment range, in processing of parts both for export and imported refinement material. we also produce machines, assemblies, and component subunits according to customers’ technical drawing documentation, we render services on material provided by customer, we also subcontract outsourcing work and we produce for customer orders. permanently we cooperate with partners from usa, germany, united kingdom, sweden , denmark and others. our technical capabilities in our production machinery park in processing are following: turninguniversal lathes max.ø420x1500mm chucks of cnc lathes max. ø630 x 400mm boring and turning mills without side rest ø 1350 x 950mm with side restø 1100 x 950mm accuracy class dependableon er ameter it 7 to it 10 min. roughness ra 2,5 drilling deep holes max. ø 43 x 750mm (min.ra 5) conventional and cnc drillers max. table size 500 x 830mm travels 630 x 400 x 450mm max. drilling ø 50 positioning accuracy ± 0,05 jig bogger table size 800 x 400mm ositioning accuracy ± 0,02 max. travels 710 x 410mm max. workpiece mas 320kgs max. spindle quill 500 max. drilling diameter ø 25 /reboring ø 250/ millingplaner mills max. workpiece mounting size 5000 x 1250 x 1200mm max. mass 3000kgs poss. milling of workpiece front min. roughness ra 5 milling possible from 3 spindle stocks universal and cnc milling max. table size 400 x 1200mm machines max.workpiece mass 250-800kgs 2 axis controlling min.roughness ra 2,5 positioning accuracy ± 0,05 grinding extremal grinders max. ø 400 x 2000mm possibility to grind in chuck cones of 45 degress of i=100max. workpiece mass 59kgs accuracy class depending on diameter it 5 to it 6 min. roughness ra 0,63 internal grinders max. ø 200 /ø 300/ max.grinding lenght of mounted part l=500 accuracy class depending on diameter it 5 to it 6 thread grindersmax. ø 200, max. grinding lenght l=1360 max. lenght of workpiece mounting l=1500max. mass 100kgpitch - metrical 1,5 to 24- inch 14 up to 1 coil per inch- trapezoidal 2 to 24 - modular 1 to 8 suface grinderstable size 300 x 1000 x 500mm max. mass of workpiece mounted 100kgs min roughness ra 0,63 plane grindersmax. workpiece mounting size 4000 x 1250 x 1000mm max. mass of workpiece mass 3000kgs min. roughness ra 0,63 planingsurface planersmax. workpiece mounting size 1250 x 4000 x 1100mm max. workpiece mass 3500kgs boringmachining centres max. table working area 1000 x 1250 max. travels 2000 x 1250 x 1250 max. workpiece mass 3000kgs positioning accuracy ± 0,02 table rotating possibility every i degree 3 exes control  drilling boring milling machines onventional and cnctable working area 1100 x 1400 2 and 3 axes control max. travels 1800 x 1250 x 1250 table rotation possibility every 90 degrees positioning accuracy ± 0,05 teeth machiningmilling of gear – whels with external straigt and oblique teeth max. ø 450, modul 6 teeth accuracy class no.9 slotting of external teeth max. ø 350,max. lenght of tooth l=40 max module 4, accuracy class 8 slotting of external teeth max ø 300,max. tooth lenght l=40 max. module 4,accuracy class of teeth 8 grindning of cylindrical gears external eeth-spur gears max. ø 360 max. tooth lengh l=150 modules 2, 2,5, 3, 3,5,accuracy class 6min. number of teeth 12 max. teeth number 130 milling of conical gears with straight teeth max. module 5 normal max. external diameter ø 250 max. toth lenght l=40 accuracy class 7 milling of conical gears with arched teeth max. module normal 5 external max. dia. ø 250 max. tooth lenght l=40 max.gear couple ratio 1:10 number of teeth milled 6 to 100 ccuracy class 6 kurvex type teeth) lapping of conical gears max. ø 250, angle between axes of gears pair 90 degrees milling of worms and wormwheelsmax. modul 4,max. ø 200 max. gear width 40 max. ccuracy class 8/9 termal treatment hardering,tempering and annealing in furnace chamber chamber size 600 x 900 x 1500 max.input charhe mass 600kgs tempering (max. 700 degrees celsius)chamber overall dimentions 800 x 1100 max. cherge mass 250kgs carburizing pit furnace chamber size ø 600 x 900 max. charge mass 400kgs hardering in salt furnace (max. 1300 degrees c)max. part lenght l=320 induction hardering of shafts max. ø 55, max. lenght l=1000 induction hardering of rings max. ø 180, max.breadth b=20 induction hardering of quideways max. breadth b=150 max. lenght l=2000(steel and cast iron hardering) chemical treatment decorative black oxidizing tub size 500 x 700 x 900 max. charge mass 30kgs max. part lenght l=700 vertical slotting max. slider stroke 100mm max. mass 50 kgs max. height of part mounted b=300 vertical and horizontal broaching max.ching lenght from l=45 to 90 max.external dia.of broscher ø 65 other services sand blasting of smart parts assembly work, painting and priming, metal abrasive shot cloudburst treatment of steel and castiron stocks,scale graduation and engraving,averhauls of jafo and other companies products, teeth and rounding we invite to co-operation