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    The Jaygo Dual Shaft Variable Speed disperser is designed to disperse low to heigh viscosity products. The unit has both a heavy duty mixing blade and high speed high shear dispersing blade. The heavy duty blade is designed to fit the diameter of the container. This allows the blade to pull the material from the container wall as the blade rotates.

    The low speed blade thoroughly distributes the various ingredients of the formula and eliminates any pockets of dry material or agglomerates. During this mixing action the heavy product is constantly being forced into the working zone of the high shear blade by the movement of the low speed blade.

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    Jaygo, Inc.

    Jaygo Incorporated has grown to become a major supplier and manufacturer of filter/dryers, ribbon blenders, high/low speed dispersers, high speed dryers, specialty blenders for waste materials, as well as custom fabrication.

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