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    ماكس شفرة المنشار ضياء.
    19.69 "
    1980 x 1200 x 1950mm
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    ASG-550 CNC Saw Blade Sharpening Machine is controlled by CNC numerical control system, which makes the operation process simple, and the rotation action and angle setting can be easily controlled by its new design operation panel. Follow the graphic instructions that given by the LCD Display panel, the user can use the program without difficulty. It is worth noted that it is acceptable to input another new program while the existed program is still running; this advantage truly helps saving a lot of time.

    Moreover, the 4 controlled axes of ASG-550 CNC Saw Blade Sharpening Machine, which control the bevel grinding, grinding wheel feed, grinding stroke and teeth feed, provide a variety of application. By using either water coolant or oil coolant can reach the excellent finished result.

    Grinding capacity (Min. ~ Max.): φ80mm ~ φ500mm
    Motor Grinding wheel:1HP
    Cooling system: 1/6HP
    Angle Clearance angle: 6° ~ 40°
    Hook angle: -20° ~ +50°
    Bevel grinding top angle: 45°
    Bevel grinding face angle: 30°

    Please contact us for details and quotation.
    Taiwan made, quality guaranteed, price reasonable.

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