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    JC-250 Carbide Tool Grinder is a good machine for grinding all kinds of TCT tools. For example, grooving cutter, moulding cutter, router bit, carbide saw and carbide planer knife. It’s a multi-function universal tool grinder.

    Carbide cutters (dia. x W): Ø9" x 9" (Ø230 x 230mm)
    Carbide saws (dia. x T): Ø20" x 3/8" (Ø508 x 9.5mm)
    Carbide knives (L x W x T): Ø6" x 1 1/2" x 1/4" (150 x 38 x 6.5mm)
    Router bits (shank): Ø1/2" (Ø13mm)

    Please contact us for quotation.

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    "ENJOY YOUR SHARPENING WITH US" is our utmost goal. We are professional manufacturer of KNIFE GRINDERS for carbide cutters, carbide saw, router bits, straight knives... etc. in Taiwan for over 30 years. Our reliable quality and service are well approved by customers in both domestic and export markets. Please visit our web site at for more information and email us ( jeffermachine@ for quotation. "Always better than ever, we develop new models while improve the existent ones. Get all good quality knife grinders just you need from our complete range and enjoy your sharpening! "

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