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    Baoding Jindi Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Baoding JINDI Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional company which manufactures rebar splicing equipment, splicing coupler and a line of products. It is a high-tech. enterprise in Hebei province, joint-sales company of China Construction Machinery Corporation, membership of China Quality Management Association. Our main product is rebar rolling straight screw thread splicing series, which is a key project promoted by the China government. Our product has been approved by the provincial and national appraisal with the patent, domestically in a leading position in the same field. It has been awarded the first national satisfactory brand for customers in quality and service, quality and credit guarantee company, national new product, high-tech product of Hebei Province, well-known logo, credit company in Hebei province. The assets of the company is more than 80 million RMB yuan. It has more than 800 employees, of which there are 120 technicians (Among them, there are 52 with medium and advanced certificate). The machining workshop and the assembly workshop are equipped with advanced equipment. There are over 160 pieces of equipment with the function of numerical control, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, sawing, lathe and equipment for heating processing. The company produces more than 4,000 machines per year. The splicing coupler is produced with fine technology. It is produced with national 45# carbon structural steel, going through the processes of cutting rebar, boring, roughly lathing the hole, stripping the ex-circle, fine-turning the inner bore, countersinking, rust prevention , testing and packing. We have standard type, left-handed and right-handed and reducing type of splicing coupler, altogether more than fifty types. The company produces more than 40,000,000 splicing couplers each year.

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