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    suction sandblast cabinets from China at good prices.

    Suction blast cabinets consist of cabinet enclosure, reclaimer and dust-collector, deliver efficient, affordable blast media to clean, peen, debur, or finish metal parts, easy use, low maintenance. Blast cabinet enclose the blasting environment to provide efficient blast cleaning while maintaining a clean surrounding work area.

    1. long rubber gloves resist wear and protect operator.
    2. Interior Illumination light for better visibility.
    3. Safety interlocks interrupt blasting if the door is opened.
    4. steel plate welded construction, with properly formed bends, forms a rigid, long-lasting cabinet shell.
    5. Large view window, exchangeable.
    6. Pressure regulator, gauge, and electric switch mounted within easy reach.
    7. suction blast gun with boron carbide nozzle dia 8mm.
    8. Built-in blow-off gun helps keep dust inside the cabinet.
    9. Pneumatic foot pedal switch for activating blasting.

    Model 6050A: Blast room 570 x 430 x 560mm; Exhauster 250w
    Model 9060A : Blast room 870 x 530 x 580mm; Exhauster 250w
    Model 9080A: Blast room 870 x 730 x 650mm; Exhuster 250w
    Model 1010A: Blast room950 x 950 x 850mm; Exhauster 550w
    Model 1212A:Blast room: 1150 x 1150 x 850mm; Exhauster 750W
    Model 1313A:Blast room: 1250 x 1250 x 850mm; Exhauster 750W

    Suction Blast gun: one with boron carbide nozzle dia 8mm ;
    Illumination: 13W incandescene;
    Air Source pressure:5 - 7bar(kg/cm2 ), flow 0. 8- 1.2m3/min.
    Dry filter dust collector: manual cleaning dust.


    1. Front door or/and side door
    2. E reclaimer for abrasive mesh 180-320
    3. Manual turntable
    4. Automatic turntable
    5. Work car manual or powered & track assembly
    6. Reverse pulse cartridge dust collectors
    7. Pneumatic vertical lift door
    8. Adjustable gun mount

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    mainly export sand blasting machines and media, vibratiry machines and media, abrasive media, spin casting machine from china.

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