KAITE 1416

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    Automatic rotary indexing satellite turntable blast machines consists of cabinet enclosure, a indexing turntable with eight rotary satellites, oscillating system, eight automatic suction blast guns, two automatic blow-off gun, cyclone reclaimer, reverse pulse cartridge dust-collector and PLC control system, etc.

    It's suitable for automatica precise repeatable blast processing surface of small size components with cones or cylinder shape with no part-on-part contact possible, application ranges from delicate deburring to shot peening for small to middle scale production.
    Large working chamber allows more options for gun placement and more room for maintenance. Satellite rotary speed is adjustable by VFD and the position, distance and angle of the blast gun and blow-off guns are adjustable for more processing options.
    Turntable comes for two-station indexing, puts two parts in each of the blast station, blow-off, and load positions.

    Model: 1416-8
    Cabinet (WxDxH, mm): 1400x1600x2000
    Blast Chamber (WxDxH, mm): 1350x1550x800
    Processed parts (DiaxH mm max) :250x350
    Loading area (LxWxH, mm): 900X250X870
    Turntable (dia., mm): 950
    Turntable loading (kg max): 100
    Turntable speed (rpm): 3
    Turntable accuracy (mm): +/-0.30
    Satellite (pc): 8
    Satellite speed: (rpm): 10-20 (VFD speed adjusted)
    Blast gun (pc): 8
    Blast gun movement: Swing.
    Blast gun swing speed: 58rpm.
    Blast nozzle (ID, mm): 8
    Blow-off gun: 2
    Blow-off nozzle: (ID, mm): 3
    Blast hose: (ID, mm): 13
    Air hose (ID, mm): 12
    Pressure regulating (bar): 0~7
    Dust collector motor (KW): 4.5
    Blast gun swing motor (KW): 0.75
    Turntable motor (KW): 0.75
    Satellite motor (KW): 0.75KW
    Control and light (KW): 0.5
    Air source requirement: 5-7bar, 8m3/min.

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