KAITE 6230(2)P

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    Portable blast machines are mainly used to clean bigger components on-site, like steel structure, bridge, big tank body, used for big tanks vessel repair, pipe rust removing at oil field, container renew, etc, and generally used in open, or used in very big blast rooms.

    6230P / 6230(2)P has 1-1/4” blast hose and a 600L pot, adopts pressure-hold pneumatic/electrical remote control, keeping the blast machine under pressure but allow the operator to start and stop blasting as frequently as needed. The machine is pressurized and depressurized manually, the operator controls blasting from a remote control handle at the nozzle. Pressing the handle starts blasting; releasing it stops blasting.

    6230P / 6230(2)P fitted with
     Remote control system, (pneumatic or electric to user’s option)
     Pressure gauge
     abrasive control valve
     moisture separator
     Exhaust muffler
     10 meter long twin-line remote control hose / x2 (can be as long as 20m)
     Remote control handle/ x2
     10 meter long heavy duty blast hose ID 1-1/4” coupled nozzle holder, coupling and venturi nozzle./ x 2
     Cover
    1/. pneumatic or electric remote control
    2/. Protective cloth with Hood
    3/. Respiratory filter

    Model 6230P 6230(2)P
    Pot Diameter (mm) 900 900
    Height (mm) 1900 1900
    Weight (kg) 550 580
    Capacity (L) 600 600
    Outlet 1 2
    Blast hose ID (mm) 1-1/4" 1-1/4"
    Compressed air consumption (m3 /min) 4.5

    Working pressure (bar) 5-7 5-7

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    mainly export sand blasting machines and media, vibratiry machines and media, abrasive media, spin casting machine from china.

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