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    181.1 "
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    CNC (FANUC F-15MB)
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    In 1972, Kotobuki Industries Chemical & Environmental Machinery Div. started the technical development of the Dynamic Filtration known as one of the solid-liquid separating technology and launched "Rotary Filter", a Fully-Sealed Automatic-Continuous Pressure Filter, still playing an important roll in many industries due to its unique filtration technology. Since then, over a period of 30 years, we have been developing diverse new technologies, and are offering the industry a number of advanced products today in the areas of Centrifugal Separation, Grinding/Dispersing, Classifying/Sieving, Mixing/Granulating, Composting, etc., with unique features and functions. Our product line is assorted into Environmental Machinery,Chemical Machinery and Pharmaceutical Equipment in accordance with the respective application. We're proud to be able to provide advanced technology and satisfy customers' high-level demands.

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