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    kun sheng was founded in 1992 with the mission of providing recycling companies with plastic recycling solutions that represent a viable, economical alternative for a clean environment with no contamination from the recycling plant. clients rely on us for efficient, cost-effective recycle equipment, minimization of liability risks, elimination of warehousing fees and ensuring the recycling plant is designed to meet your requirements. http://shredder-granulator.ready-online.com/ More Machine for Recycling Plant. one of the major challenges for the development team is to achieve a suitable equipment layout that optimizes the best process within constraints for the recycling plant. the 3d cad software helps in testing many different layouts in a short amount of time, a task that would have been virtually impossible with traditional 2d formats; 3d visualization enabled the setting of clear expectations in terms of equipment position, size and color. kun sheng's valuable design team provides responsive and expert advice when you really need it. their well-trained employees and qualified engineers can react quickly to address the most demanding of technical problems. their more than 17-year seasoned experience makes them professional for planning various recycling plants, such as plastic recycling production line, wire recycling production line, cable recycling production line, tire recycling production line, wood recycling production line, etc.