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    Ever since the establishment of the company in 1969, and the development of one-of-a-kind Magnescale products, we have long been working to serve our customers by offering them measurement devices that are easier to use, and scales that maintain greater precision. Now, as we usher in a new era we find ourselves once again embarking on a new path. Accordingly, we have taken this opportunity to rename our company after the long-established Magnescale brand, thereby honoring our history and tradition of serving customers, and reflecting our desire to continue to create premium products that build on that legacy. Under our new name, we will work harder than ever before to painstakingly develop new technologies and bolster the quality of our products and services, so that we may thereby provide products tailored to the exact needs of our customers, whom we shall work with as partners. Indeed, as we enter a new era, we at Magnescale are grateful for our opportunity to continue serving customer needs.

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