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    قطر الماسورة
    0.75 "
    60"W x 108"L x 102"H
    12000 (LBS)
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    The Manchester model M94-H-6-G is a hydraulically operated combination tube end forming and grooving machine. The machine includes a single stationary clamp for holding the tube, as well as a transfer mounted Manchester six stroke end forming ram and a model 24008 tube grooving head. The forming ram and grooving head may be programmed to perform many combinations of end forming and grooving or cutting operations. Since the tube is only clamped once, excellent concentricity is maintained.

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    Manchester Tool & Die Inc.

    Since the 1960’s Manchester Tool & Die has been a leading provider of end forming, grooving and crimping machines. We now occupy a 65,000 square foot facility and maintain an ISO 9001-2008 certification to insure you get the quality product you demand.

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