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    Mar-Bel Associates

    MAR-BEL ASSOCIATES and its predecessors have manufactured machinery for the laminate industry since 1958. The equipment has a well deserved reputation for reliability and customer support. For these reasons it is found in the quality control, research, or operations departments of such industry giants as FORMICA® Corporation, Ralph Wilson Plastics' WILSONART® division, International Paper's NEVAMAR® division and WESTVACO®. It is as easily found in two employee shops because of its versatility and value pricing. The MAR-BEL slitter is manufactured as originally configured by U.S. Patent #3,496,812. It is technically a die which punches out a 1/16" kerf. The single slitting models are designed to provide their owner with maximum throughput of accurate, smooth-edged laminate product over the range of cutting widths allowed by the throat model selected. The machine will slit over a variety of thicknesses, easily slitting vertical or countertop grades without adjustment for the variation in material thickness.