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    السعة المستطيلة (ارتفاع
    18 "
    السعة المستطيلة (عرض
    20 "
    سعة الدوران
    18 "
    10 hp
    عرض الريشة
    1.5 "
    سمك الريشة
    0.05 "
    طول الريشة
    215 "
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    Marvel Manufacturing

    Marvel Manufacturing Company, Inc. offers a complete line of metal cutting saws and ironworkers under our MARVEL and SPARTAN trademarks. Marvel introduced the first vertical tilt-frame band saw in 1917 and remains the leader in the vertical tilt frame market. Our Marvel line of vertical saws ranges from the single cut universal Series 8 to our fully automatic programmable Touch Tech models with miter cutting up to 60 degrees. Our Spartan band saw line features both hinge and dual column band saw designs in capacities from 12 to 60 inches as well as a complete line of plate saws and contour saws. The Spartan brand name also includes high production thin kerf carbide circular saws and our Spartan Ironworkers which are available in capacities from 50 to 180 tons.

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مناشير، باند، أفقي
3 صور
السنة: 2012
Wisconsin, الولايات المتحدة الامريكية
مستعملة - جيد
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