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    Matthews Marking Products

    from the first branding iron we made back in 1850, matthews international corporation has been setting the standard in identification systems technology. our tradition of high-quality marking systems began in 1850 when john d. matthews arrived in pittsburgh, pennsylvania from sheffield, england. when he opened shop in this steel-producing town, the first products he produced were for metal marking. we have expanded his legacy to form the broadest product range available for identifying just about any type of packaging and industrial product. from simple marking devices to sophisticated, computer-driven systems, matthews can solve your identification needs so you can make the right impression every time. quality you can count on we strive to satisy our customers over and over again. it is a promise that we have kept since matthews began in 1850. to achieve total customer satisfaction we manufacture the highest possible quality products using the iso 9001 and total quality management processes. our jet-a-mark® drop-on-demand systems and our ink manufacturing facilities have received iso 9001 registration. in fact, matthews was the first u.s.-based manufacturer of industrial printing inks to obtain iso 9001 registration. iso 9001 is the most comprehensive of the iso standards covering the design, manufacturing and service of a company's product. what does this mean to you? it means that every step in the manufacturing process has built-in quality control standards. the end result is a quality product delivered to you each and every time. worldwide network headquartered in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, we have an extensive sales, service and distribution network that reaches from the united states to australia to sweden and japan. we pride ourselves on being the single source for all of your marking needs. and we subscribe to the highest levels of quality control. so you can be sure that you are getting the attention you deserve wherever you may be.

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