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    مضخة إخراج
    50,000 PSI
    حركة الأكس X
    62.01 "
    حركة الأكس Y
    62.01 "
    حركة الأكس Z
    12.01 "
    الجدول الحجم-W
    68.5 "
    الجدول الحجم-L
    88.5 "
    40 hp
  • نظرة عامة على المنتج

    The next generation MAXIEM® 1515 JetMachining® Center sets a new standard for abrasive waterjet machining. Faster, smoother, and more precise, the MAXIEM 1515 is ideal for a wide range of modern machining needs. The exclusive advanced Intelli-TRAX® digital linear encoder provides one-micron resolution instant feedback to the motor control system so the machine knows precisely where the cutting head is at all times. The mobile control station with widescreen display provides flexibility in controller positioning. Optional accessories such as the A-Jet® for 5-axis cutting and taper compensation, Rapid Water Level Control for submerged cutting, and Collision Sensing Terrain Follower for machining irregular surfaces expand your JetMachining capabilities and dramatically improve production.

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    MAXIEM Waterjets

    The next generation MAXIEM is an abrasive waterjet cutting system with an X-Y table containing Intelli-TRAX® linear drive technology and a Motorized Z-Axis. The proven high-pressure direct drive pump technology (50,000 psi) is available in 20, 30, and 40 horsepower options. All MAXIEM waterjets feature the critically acclaimed Intelli-MAX® Standard Software Suite. We offer the MAXIEM in the following sizes: 0707 at 2’7” by 2’6” (794mm x 775mm), 1515 at 5’2” x 5’2” (1575mm x 1575mm), 1530 at 5’2” x 10’0” (1575mm x 3061mm), 2030 at 6’7” by 10’0” (2019mm x 3061mm), and the MAXIEM 2040 at 6’7” x 13’10” (2019mm x 4216mm).

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