CON SEP 2000
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    The ConSep® conveyor-separator provides outstanding chip removal and coolant cleaning for your machine tool. With the capability to handle nearly any chip type and material, while providing coolant cleanliness to 50 microns, ConSep systems are well suited for general purpose machining. Tank cleanout periods can be extended from monthly for standard chip conveyors to annually for ConSep systems, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

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    Mayfran International

    We are a global leader in providing engineered solutions for scrap and coolant management and material handling in metalworking, recycling, solid waste processing, and other applications. Mayfran’s products convey, filter, separate, shred and process materials and fluids for the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, oil and gas, steel processing, solid waste, pulp and paper, medical products, heavy equipment and related industries. Mayfran’s engineered solutions promote sustainable manufacturing processes, reducing costs while improving overall profitability and competitiveness. There are significant benefits to working with Mayfran on your chip, coolant, and scrap management projects. Mayfran was established in 1933, is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and has operations around the world.

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