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    46.33 "
    بالقطع طول
    164.7 "
    حجم الظرف
    21 "
    80 hp
    ماكس RPM
    1500 rpm
    قطر الخراطة
    35.7 "
  • نظرة عامة على المنتج

    The QUICK TURN NEXUS (QTN) 500 MY Multi-Tasking turning center with a large spindle bore packs the speed, power and precision that’s required for the heavy-duty machining of long, large workpieces, especially those produced for the energy and heavy equipment industries.

    As an “MY” configuration, the machine features a turret with live tooling and a Y-axis to perform off-centerline, milling, drilling and specialty threading operations in addition to its advanced turning capabilities. This Multi-Tasking functionality allows users to productively process parts in single setups, also known as DONE IN ONE® processing.

    Additionally, the QTN 500 MY pairs with an optional, highly unique tailstock design that combines a standard tailstock with a long boring bar (LBB) to achieve deep-hole boring depths of 46".

    Advanced gear-driven spindle headstock offers high-torque power for heavy metal/alloy cutting operations
    Spindle through-bore sizes up to 7.2” for machining versatility
    Spindle offers C-axis contouring in 0.0001-degree increments, providing the best positioning accuracy in its class
    12-position turret with live tooling for Multi-Tasking functionality
    Rigid, double-slide Y-axis construction withstands high cutting forces
    MX Hybrid Roller Guide System delivers durability and reliability
    Optional automatic tool eye system detects tool wear and damage
    Advanced CNC technology offers easy programming and fast job setup
    Optional long boring bar/tailstock combination offers deep-hole boring capability
    Pairs with a variety of chip conveyor system configurations for effective chip management

  • عن الشركة
    Yamazaki Mazak Corporation

    Leaders in the manufacturer of advanced technology solutions including Multi-Tasking, 5-axis, milling, turning, CNC Controls and automation. We have developed unique products that realize unsurpassed productivity and established 78 Technology and Technical Centers all over the world to provide total solutions and optimum service support close to customers. Additionally, we began machine tool production in foreign countries much earlier than other Japanese machine tool manufacturers - starting in 1974 with the manufacturing plant in the U.S, we have established manufacturing plants in the U.K, Singapore, and China. We are the only machine tool manufacturer that has established a global production base. By utilizing the local manufacturing plants and global support bases, we have provided enhanced service and support and established strong relationships with our customers.

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