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    The Milford Model 58 impact riveter is a pneumatically driven modular riveting head, tooled to automatically feed and set one (1) rivet per cycle. This unit is specifically designed for integration with automated assembly equipment, and is well suited for applications requiring single or multiple riveters. The standard space saving wedge design permits grouping of two or more units as close as 1.0" (25.4 mm) apart or as close as 0.750" (19 mm) with our off set driver model. The standard unit is supplied without controls, but controls may be supplied as a complete turn-key system if you select the optional bench-top base and controls package. The impact riveting units are commonly used with automotive window molding assemblies, instrument panels, appliance components, electrical devices, brake shoes, and other light duty riveting processes. The cushion squeezing riveting action lends itself to applications such as clinching of rivets through plastic, ceramic and other relatively brittle materials.

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    Orbitform Group, LLC

    Orbitform manufactures forming, fastening, joining, and assembly equipment for a wide range of industries and applications. We provide world-class prototype engineering services for assembly of parts and specialized forming and fastening. Orbitform's intelligent machines can monitor and control the manufacturing and assembly process.

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