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CNC (Centurion 5T)
  • المواصفات
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    حجم الظرف
    12 "
    سعة العامود
    3.06 "
    20 hp
    ماكس RPM
    2250 rpm
    قطر الخراطة
    12 "
    20 "
    بالقطع طول
    40 "
    CNC (Centurion 5T)
  • عن الشركة
    Milltronics Manufacturing Co.

    Trusted leader in CNC machines since the early 1970's, Milltronics serves industry worldwide with innovative CNC controls, production and toolroom machines. No other company offers as many milling and turning machines for toolroom and production environments. Full line of horizontal and vertical machining centers, bridge mills, bed mills, knee mills, turning centers, and lathes are designed, built, and supported by American craftsmen. Milltronics' CNC Controls are compatible with traditional G & M code as well as featuring user-friendly conversational programming and high speed capability. Customers specify desired optional features - based upon their needs - for optimal value. The company's reputation is built on quality hardware and software, plus exceptional customer service. Standard two year parts warranty on all Milltronics' machines is evidence of their quality commitment for performance and reliability.

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