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    Nantong No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

    china profesional surface grinding machine manufacturer---nt2mt---nantong no.2 machine tool co.,ltd. was set up in 1965. nt2mt - well known both at home in china and abroad, has been running for 43 years since1965 in majority of searial prducts of surface-grinders. since 1991,nt2mt has been cooperating with german g&h and spanish ger in manufacturing fs ranges of precise surface grinders with horizontal spindles and rectangular tables ,which have been finding a good sale to europe,america , southeast asia and etc.,for its international advanced level. nt2mt designs and produces a wide range of surface grinders to meet your minds and requirements. what all the objective of us is to be suited to the market, to offer you excellent quality for better service.   welcome to nt2mt to use high-quality surface grinders either operated by hand or numerical controlled

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