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    new england machine tools is a connecticut corporation specializing in the design and construction of grinding machines and control systems. for many years, progrind cnc grinders have been sold nationally for a wide variety of applications in production grinding and tool grinding. one of the principal activities has been the grinding of cutting tools for conventional and high production machining. using innovative software, progrind cnc grinders have made the grinding of complex cutting tools far easier and more affordable than ever before. in particular, step drills and counterbores, so common in high production machining, could be ground efficiently, in low quantities, on a four axis grinder with simple setups and menu driven programs (no user programming). now, five axis grinders have been added to the line for increased capabilities. in addition to cnc tool grinders, progrind grinders have found their way into a number of production grinding applications, including the gun, optics, medical and automotive industries. medical applications include both belt grinding and wheel grinding on a wide variety of needles, blades, drills, pins and other shapes. other applications include the grinding of glass, ceramics and other materials that cannot be easily machined with conventional methods. automatic loaders, bowl feeders, strip feeders and other devices increase the productivity of these systems and automatic wheel profiling expands shape possibilities. new england machine tools three dimensional cad systems expand the possibilities for affordable custom built grinding systems. new england machine tools also has extensive experience in providing software and hardware services to machine tool users and other machine tool builders. projects vary from six axis palletized machining centers to forty axis transfer lines. our software projects range from custom mmi to data acquisition and macro programming. current projects are as diverse as pc based control and real-time error compensation on fourteen foot diameter rotary tables. when other builders do not have the expertise they call us. if you are looking for a u. s. builder of tool grinders or production grinders or have a control system need why not give us some information on your application. we will provide you with a quick response on our ideas to help you solve your manufacturing problem. cnc tool grinders, cnc cylindrical grinder, medical grinder, cnc id grinder, custom grinders, loader automation, dressing systems, coolant systems.

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