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    حجم الظرف
    12 "
    سعة العامود
    4 "
    30 hp
    ماكس RPM
    35 rpm
    قطر الخراطة
    28.34 "
    28.34 "
    بالقطع طول
    69 "
    CNC (OSP E100L)
  • نظرة عامة على المنتج

    The Okuma MacTurn350 is a multifunction turning center including an automatic tool changer, an automatic tow-along tailstock and lower turret. The MacTurn250 has the broadest scope of machining functions of any Okuma CNC machine in the 8-12 inch chuck class. MacTurn is the embodiment of power, speed, and process flexibility. Complete the work in one setup and with tools to spare in the ATC.

    The MacTurn has two independent turrets that can machine independently or simultaneously. The upper saddle carries a dual function spindle head with 10hp integral milling motor spindle. The base offering has 44-tools available via the traversing ATC. The upper turret has a 1-degree B-axis and compound motion Y-axis for machining flexibility. The main spindle is equipped with a full contouring C-axis (0.001deg incr). The lower turret completes the concept, bringing 12 additional turning stations and four-axis flexibility to the ultimate Okuma Lathe.

    Familiar programming methods from both lathe and machining center disciplines blend easily on the Okuma THINC®-OSP control, providing advanced milling functions. With the optional sub-spindle (W), parts can be seamlessly transferred between the spindles for completion in one operation.

  • عن الشركة
    Okuma Corporation

    Manufacture and sales of NC machine tools (NC lathes, multitasking machines, machining centers, grinders), NC controllers, FA products, servo motors, etc.

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