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    Osawa & Company

    Osawa & company is a manufacturing company specialized in pneumatic tools. Our representative product beside silent cleaner is called wonder-gun, which shows great power, drawing, blowing and transferring. We have many types of silent-cleaners and wonder-guns, reaching the necessity and demand of innumerous companies. We also developed the device called mini porter cyclone, which separates powder from air almost 100% effectively, as a result of centrifugal force. For example, when handling flour, this device works as an efficient filter that needs no replacement; there is no need to worry about getting it clogged, and the amount of money spent on replacing it. Well-established in japan, we are ready to expand our business all over the world. We have been exporting to china, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, south Africa, America, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Belgium, Czech republic and Australia. Hopefully in a very soon future we will be covering more and more countries around the world. The best point of our products is their high-quality (many companies have tried to make products same as ours but without succeeding). Easy dynamic of operation and minimum percentage of breakdowns (we seldom hear complaints from our customers about breaking down). Our company has Japanese and Chinese speakers waiting for your call. Moreover, our web site has Japanese, Chinese and English demonstration video and details about our products.

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