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    قطر عجلة التجليخ
    طاقة عجلة التجليخ
    7.5 hp
    دوران عجلة التجليخ RPM
    2,000 RPM
    قطر عجلة التنظيم
    قدرة RW
    1.7 hp
    RW RPM
    300 RPM
  • عن الشركة
    Paragon Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Paragon Machinery Co., Ltd, was established in 1968. During these years, we have been continuously enhancing our competitiveness to cope with Taiwan's economic development and to satisfy customer's diverse demands. Beginning as a manufacturer of small-scale centreless grinders, we now have become a professional manufacturer and R&D specialist of a wide range of grinding machines. The main model of machines we produce include centerless grinders, universal cylindrical grinders, internal grinders, angular cylindrical grinders, high-speed centerless grinders and a wide choice of CNC grinding machines. We are one of the best & most professional grinding machine manufacturers in Taiwan. Our strict grinding accuracy control can take all the credit. Due to our sincere and professional attitude towards our business, our products, traded as "Paragon", are marketed all over the world including Taiwan, China, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and America.

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