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    Applying innovative cutting techniques, the HSFDB-C cuts costs on scrap and consumables. Peddinghaus users report common scrap ratios of 4-6%, compared to burn table or gripper measurement methods that commonly exceed 12-20% scrap per sheet. It's easy to see that Peddinghaus solutions are the most cost effective machines to date.

    How does the HSFDB-C provide savings through innovative plasma cutting technology, over competitor designs? The HSFDB-C processes plate with Peddinghaus' patented roller handling technology; eliminating need to maintain a rigid scrap skeleton, which is critical for measurement on older plate machine designs. Bringing the plate to the operating area of the machine, instead of the other way around, Peddinghaus paves the path to profitability.

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    Peddinghaus Corporation

    Since 1903 Peddinghaus Corporation has proudly served the steel construction, plate fabrication, and metal working industries with the most innovative equipment on the market. Under its fourth generation of Peddinghaus family management, Peddinghaus is dedicated to engineering expertise focused on machine productivity, efficiency and innovation.

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