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    Permadur Series 918
    This Permadur Series 918 Large Plate Handling System is built with 18ea. FP-4000 Lifting Magnets on a 54’ Load Beam. Each of the Magnet Crossarms can be manually repositioned on the load beam.

    The Controller provides selectivity by Row, 9ea. The Controller also offers Permadur’s Exclusive Safety Indicator Lighting System that confirms that the Magnets have attached to the load in preparation for a safe lift.

    This System attaches to a Double hook Mobile crane via our Low Headroom Intermediate beam design.

    The Power Supply for this System is our “On Board” 24VDC Battery Power Supply that provides approx. 400 lifts between recharging. This Controller also offers Radio Remote ON/OFF Controls in addition to a hardwired Pendant.

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    Permadur Industries Inc.

    Manufacturers of magnetic lifters, positioners & machinery. Magnetic lifters utilize permanent magnets so they won't release the load if power is lost, for single sheet separations, large & small parts. Positioners employ hydraulic control below the hook for precision lowering the last few critical inches. Machinery includes full line of hot stamping & heat transfer machinery & complete industrial control systems utilizing servos, PLC's & computer controls.

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