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    2000 x 2100 x 1850 mm
    1650 Kg
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    PETRA Stroji d.o.o.

    Today’s requirements for metal cutting are demanding. At PETRA Machines Ltd. we do our best to understand and meet these requirements. Based on years of experience we spare no effort to design and build reliable, durable, efficient and simple to use band saws. We do this with relentless passion for perfection and satisfaction of our customers. The new PE-TRA True Dual-Column family of band saws deliver high quality, reliable cutting for an affordable, competitive price. The quality cutting is achieved using original, Patent pending solution providing superior fine movement of the saw frame along the columns. The reliability is assured by incorporating high quality, world renowned, proven, and industry standard vital parts available all over the world, many of which can be installed at customer preference. The Price/Performance is founded on modern engineering design and efficient, optimized manufacturing process. If you are in need of high volume Automated metal cutting our heavy duty industrial bandsaw DC300A CutMaster model is an excellent price/performance choice.

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