PILLAR AB3185-17

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    75 kw
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    Pillar Induction

    abp induction, llc (previously pillar induction) was founded in 1966 as the inventor of solid state technology for induction heating equipment as it is known today. the wisconsin based company began selling power supplies on an oem basis, gradually expanding the product mix to include an assortment of induction heating and melting equipment. today, abp induction produces fully integrated induction heating systems for the general heat treating, forging, tubular goods, hot metals forming and melting industries. the range of applications addressed by abp induction is uniquely broad, encompassing frequencies from 200 hz to 2 mhz and power levels from 1 kilowatt to 6 megawatts. over the years our own direct personal experience has been supplemented by the support we have given our many customers. abp induction is a technically oriented sales and marketing driven company founded on the strength of our people. our corporate headquarters is located in brookfield, wisconsin. the expert staff of over 150 engineering, production, administrative, sales and technical personnel excels in electrical and mechanical design and applications engineering. sales and service offices located around the world in china, australia, malaysia, korea, germany, england and india, provide support to our global customer base. pillar industries has positioned itself as a producer of custom and standard induction heating equipment within the metalworking industry. our success is in no small way attributable to several key factors; a focus on customer needs and the clear definition of these needs, the utilization of state of the art computer aided design, our development of proprietary application specific software and an on going commitment to remain an industry leader. the strategic acquisitions of westinghouse induction systems in 1986 and lindberg/cycle-dyne in 1989 have further expanded the working knowledge of pillar industries and added years of induction heating experience to our staff.

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