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    Medical devices are becoming smaller and more complex. Lasers are both a necessity and a valuable asset in the fabrication of medical devices.

    The precision, repeatability, versatility and cleanliness of the laser operation is ideal for catheters and other medical devices. Small holes/surface removal can be processed into these devices in a variety of different configurations for the placement of drug coatings.

    The MedPro laser system provides high speed, tight tolerance laser processing for flat sheet or rotary applications.

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    Preco, Inc.

    Preco, Inc. is a premier provider of solutions for material processing needs. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of precision automated processing systems for high speed and high accuracy cutting, perforating, welding, and other specialized industrial processing applications. With our proprietary die cutting and laser-based manufacturing capabilities, we've also become one of the largest contract manufacturing service (CMS) providers in North America offering everything from laser welding to laser and die cutting services to laser scored or perforated packaging.