PRIMA Rapido 5

Rapido 5
العلامة التجارية
CNC (Primach 9000L)
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    CNC (Primach 9000L)
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    – synthetic granite frame, featuring a special shape obtained through state-of-the-art topology optimization software: excellent stiffness and damping capacity
    – compact design for minimum footprint and easy transportation and installation
    – overhead retractable arm, cantilever, no sagging: great accessibility
    – high brilliance fiber laser with powers from 2 to 4 kW
    – direct-drive head featuring high dynamics, accuracy, and quality of movements
    – collision protection system and no-backlash and no-wear direct-drive
    technology reducing maintenance costs and times
    – two focal length lenses (5” and 7.5”) and fast-tool replacement system,
    for easy changes of production
    – high dynamics adaptive axis maintains workpiece surface stand-off distance
    – double safety joint (SIPS): in case of collision the nozzle and/or the whole head collapse. Quick and simple repositioning
    – user-friendly and ergonomic P30L CNC with 17” LCD touch screen and trackball
    – portable self-teach programming handbox, ergonomic and intuitive to use (large screen, graphic interface, joystick)
    – Split Cabin to divide the work volume in two halves, giving the possibility to load/unload on one half safely while the laser head works on the other
    – wide range of modules for the automation of the material handling and storage

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