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    MEPSA (Maquinaria Electrónica, Esmerilado y Pulido, S.A.)

    MEPSA – maquinaria electrónica esmerilado y pulido, S.A. – is a leading company specialized in designing and building machinery for sanding, polishing, satin finishing, deburring and related applications. our range of products includes robotic cells, transfer cnc machines and automatic machines. all of mepsa’s machines incorporate the latest technology available in robots, computerized numeric controls and programmable logic controllers. the sectors where mepsa has a deeper experience are: sanitary fittings, door handles and shields, bathroom ancillaries, cooking ware, bowl sinks, luxury items, automotive and lighting. materials are all of those that can be polished, like brass, zamak, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, acrylic, titanium, etc. our customers rank among the leading companies in their respective markets and sectors. mepsa exports more than 80% of its production.