PUXIN PXB-90 series

PXB-90 series
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    zhangjiagang puxin machinery co.,ltd.is the professional modern manufacturer in blow moulding machines.we have a large number of outstanding professionals who has experience more than 15 years in blow moulding machine field.our product suitable for the production of 0.005-1000l plastic bottles, plastic buckets,drum,tool box,toy,table panel,pallet,automobile parts, and other products products throughout the country and being sold in places as far away as the germany 、 ltaly 、 england 、 ukraine 、 turkey 、 colombia 、 australia 、 russia 、 egypt 、 thailand 、 nigeria more than 30 countries and regions,was unanimously praised by users. we are commitment to continuous research and innovation on the hollow plastic machines.to provide customers with more products and make unremitting efforts to modernize the economy! puxin machinery co.,ltd looking forward to your sincere cooperation!

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