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    RADIA, from the family owned Red Devil Equipment Company, is setting the industry standard in creating equipment that provides solutions. Originally founded as Red Devil Equipment Company in 1992, we have spent decades striving to be the industry standard for paint mixing equipment, while always focused on bringing new, state-of-the-art solutions to the business world. Today, we are RADIA. RADIA will continue the long Red Devil Equipment legacy and be your partner to engineer industry-leading products and solutions supported by world class customer experience. We take pride in developing forward-thinking products that are easy-to-use and deliver superior performance. We have and will continue to find opportunities to enter into new categories. We continue to make the highest quality paint mixers and shakers on the market, we supply and service waste compactors in a multitude of industries including convenience stores, the food industry and in healthcare service, we have helped many companies solve business challenges, but that's not the only way your business can get stronger. We strive to discover opportunities to help your business become safer and more efficient. We'd be ignoring our core values of innovation and service if we didn't act on those instincts. Whether it's lift assist products or something not yet created, we focus on better, faster and safer, it's who we are. We work hard today, so you can work smart tomorrow. As the same company with a new name, RADIA will be the brand that takes our team and abilities beyond paint mixers and into a greater collaboration with you in new ways.