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    TYPE AG with Rotary Barrel 30" x 30" Ruemelin Type AG Abrasive Blast Cabinet features:
    Spring loaded, vertical lift front access door with armholes, gauntlets, gloves, clamp rings, and vision window protected by a replaceable steel sight screen (solid panel door optional if manual blasting feature not required)
    (2) Type "B" Ruemelin high efficiency suction blast guns and hose assemblies, one counterbalanced through the top of the blast cabinet. Each blast gun is furnished with ceramic nozzles and air jet to match your compressed air capacity (second gun optional).
    Main air manifold with individual shut-off valves for each blast gun.

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    Ruemelin Blast Machines are available in a number of sizes, configurations and with options that will help add profitability to your surface finishing needs. The most important features that are standard on all Ruemelin products are rugged durability, reliability, serviceability,and craftsmanship backed by over 75 years of dedication to quality.

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