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  • نظرة عامة على المنتج

    Manual type & CNC Drilling EDM profession manufacturer.
    Drilling capacity dia. is fromФ0.1mm to Ф6.0mm.
    High verticality (deviation) is lower than 0.03.
    Inbuilt water filtration system and pure water available.
    Ion Exchange Resin Treatment Filter support more machines and raise working efficiency that's over 30%
    Special circuit design applies to all kinds $ hardened metal materials.
    Optional discharge oil machining systems for processing tungsten steel and special materials

  • عن الشركة
    Sane Kuei Machinery Co., Ltd.

    We, Sane Kuei Machinery Co., Ltd are a manufacturer, primarily producing EDMs (Electrical Discharge Machines, spark (erosion) machine) & EDM solution integrator for more than 25 years in Taiwan (established at year 1989) we are proactively expanding markets & seeking for cooperations with companies/customers who have interests in our EDM machines, or local agents / distributors worldwide on behalf of us preferably. Product spectrum: CNC EDM (Silicon and/or Dielectric Fluid both or single) CNC Sliding Single-Column and double-column EDM NC (Z axis + Table movements) ZNC (Z axis) Deep/fast hole drilling ATC system C-Axis (Internal or external) OEM, ODM, custom made, available Your coming over directly to our company/factory is very welcome.

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