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    Product Description

    1. Machine body integrates with control box
    2. With digital computer controled system
    3. Mostly used for machining mould and products with high precision.
    4. High processing efficiency.
    5. High configuration makes this machine with high stability, high precision and rigidity.

    Tavel: 600 x 500 x 240mm;
    Table size: 650 x 540mm;
    Table loading capacity: 300 kgs;
    Input power: 380 V;
    Max spindle speed: 24000 rpm;
    Power of spindle: 2.2 kw;
    Positioning accuracy of X, Y, Z axis: 0.012mm;
    Max dry running speed: 9600 mm/ min;
    Max. Engraving speed: 6000 mm/min;
    Tool collet: ER20;
    Driver: Servo driver;
    Outer dimension: 1480 x 1770 x 1900mm;
    Max. Tool diameter: 12mm;
    Max feeding height: 400 mm;
    Max. Feeding width: 680mm.

    1. System: Syntec from Taiwan
    Compile to UG, MASTER CAM for programming.
    2. Control box: Vertical control box
    3. Spindle: Made in China
    4. Master screw: Made in Taiwan
    5. Servo Motor & driver: Made in Japan
    6. Guide rail: Made in Taiwan

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    Jiangsu Sanxing Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a local professional machinery manufacturer integrating development, manufacture and sales. Our company has been honored as a star enterprise in Taizhou for many years and also certified by ISO9001 and ISO9001:2000 systems. Our company has spared no effort to improve product quality and technical level.Our main products include DK77 Series CNC Wire Cutting EDM, D71 Series Electric Spark Machine/Die Sinking EDM, SXD 720 Series Hole Drilling Machine, SXDK Series CNC Engraving Machine, XK Series CNC Milling machine, and XH Series machine center.

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