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    S-T Industries, Inc.

    For more than 50 years, S-T Industries, inc. has been producing fine measuring instruments. From micrometers to optical comparators, the Scherr-Tumico name continues to be a hallmark of quality around the world. When S-T introduced the model 1500 vertical beam optical comparator in the 1950's, it allowed companies of all sizes to afford the technology of profile projection. As we look forward to the 21st century, S-T Industries is committed to providing high quality products for metrology at reasonable prices. Scherr-Tumico optical comparators & precision measuring tools have been a vital part of american industry for 50 years. During this period, we have developed the knowledge and skills which provide our customers the ability to resolve most measuring problems. If you have a problem which cannot be handled, call us and chances are we will be able to provide you with the optical comparator to get your job done.