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    shandong sishui burt tools co.,ltd is a fixed enterprise manufactruing metal cutting tools in mechanical has a history of 50 years, owning strong technology, excellent equipment and complete measuring facilities.production can be carried out according to the present chinese standards and the standards made by europe and usa.the main products are taps,round dies,drills,pin gauge and saw body made of diamond etc. shandong tool general factory lays special stress on product has a complete of quality control system and has attained iso9002-1994 quality certificate(no:3700/9700),as well as an export permit no(95)130012for plug is a "state-level safety" enterprise. shandong tool general factory pays attention to technology improvement updating and reforming.the factory has imported a screw trench grinder from usa,a centreless grinder from italy .it also owns the most advanced china-made screw square-grinding machine ,screw thread grinder,vacuum quench furnace and temper furmace and other equipment that can grarantee the product quality and date of delivery. shandong tool general factory has made great effort to develop the market.its products are well sold in china and the developed countries in europe and usa.the factory has the right to export its products.

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