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    أقصى سماكة الشغل
    0.315 "
    mm 700 x 900 x 1140 H
    Kg 980
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    The AF.258/P is manufactured by Simasv and is a fixed angle notching equipment that has been pre-arranged for the mounting of the punch head. The shearing head of the model is mounted on robust columns in order to avoid load oscillation of the head during the punching process.

    It is equipped with two locking levels located at the rear portion of the device with the function of blocking and unblocking of the head. The locking levels are used to enable the shearing head to oscillate in four directions which is needed during the notching process.

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    Simasv srl

    More than 40 years of experience in the production of machines for deformation, cutting and punching for sheet metals and profiles … … more than 30 different models including presses, notching machines, bending machines, punching machines and bevelling machines … … thousands of machines and pieces of equipment sold around the world

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