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    20 "
    60 "
    ثقب عامود الدوران
    3.06 "
    15 hp
    1600 rpm
    أرجحة فوق المجارى المتقاطعة
    12 "
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    The 2000 Series lathes are one of the new, modern generation of standard engine and toolroom lathes. Designed to produce space-age parts with space-age tools. Ideally suited for toolroom, maintenance and production. The lathe is designed and built in North America and has more important plus features for all turning jobs in your shop.

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    Racer Machinery International Inc.

    Racer Machinery International Inc. (RACER) manufactures innovative custom engineered CNC machine tools, metal cutting engine lathes and industrial saws providing high-quality North American built products to production operations worldwide. As one of the remaining few machine tool builders and the only engine lathe manufacturer in North America, our technologically advanced machine tool manufacturing process and diverse experience give us the capability to handle projects of a variety of scope and scale. Our growing success stems from the ongoing commitment to research and development, engineering experience and dedication from our team. Our goal is to develop products that help our customers achieve their company goals while providing innovation and quality in all our products. Manufacturer of Phantom Machine Technology™, Standard Modern™ lathes, E-R Maier™ saws.

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