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    20 "
    40 "
    ثقب عامود الدوران
    4 "
    10 hp
    1500 rpm
    أرجحة فوق المجارى المتقاطعة
    13.25 "
    94" x 44" x 64"
    4930 lbs.
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    Summit® 20” Engine Lathes are a great investment and turn rings around other lathes in this class. They are affordable, rugged, reliable and easy to operate. They are ISO compliant, include a vast array of features and accessories as “standard” and they offer a variety of built-in safety features. Constructed from 100% cast iron, Summit 18” and 20” Engine Machine Lathes are built to last and are known for consistent performance and durability even under the most demanding work conditions. Standard on every machine lathe is a quick-change gearbox for cutting metric, module and diametrical pitch threads, as well as standard American (inch) threads.

    - Built in safety clutch
    - Cross-ribbed headstock for added strength and stability
    - Hardened and ground alloy steel gears, shafts and splines
    - Oversized precision chrome alloy spindle with large 3” & 4”spindle bores
    - All cast iron construction
    - Hardened & precision ground bedways
    - Quick change gearbox cuts American (inch), metric, module and diametrical pitch threads
    - Rapid traverse on carriage (4 way)

    - Thread dial
    - Steady rest
    - Follow rest
    - Coolant system
    - Taper attachment
    - Work light
    - Full length splash guard
    - 3 & 4 jaw chucks

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    Summit Machine Tool LLC

    For over 60 years Summit has been serving the metal working industry by providing quality machine tools and performance solutions to customers worldwide. Summit's machine tools offer outstanding features with proven technology and workmanship. Our wide selection of metal lathe models include tool room lathes, engine lathes and CNC lathes. Summit also offers a full line of conventional and CNC vertical mills, radial drills, upright drills, horizontal and vertical boring mills for the most common applications and are in stock and ready for delivery.

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