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    sunfone technology co., ltd. is a tube mill maker that is specialized in making tube mills and other related carbon and stainless steel tubing machines. sunfone has been accumulating manufacturing experience in supplying tube mills using tig welding and high frequency welder and its peripheral equipments to ensure the stainless steel tubes are made with high-quality. until now, they've gotten outstanding reputations and widely patronages from domestic and overseas customers. they have well experienced and seasoned staff capable of handling all of your challenging projects. the team of professionals ensure that your tube mills and equipment is handled based on sophisticated skills. sunfone is a premier designer and builder of tube mills and other related steel tubing equipment. their goal is to cater the customers by offering high-efficiency, high-production equipment. they now offer high frequency tube mills, stainless steel tube mills, automatic steel coil slitting lines, cnc cut-to-length machine, round/square tube polish machine, end facing machine, straightening machine, rolls & knives, saw blade grinding machine, eddy current tester and hydrostatic tester.