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    The Sunnen ML-4000 is the cost-efficient solution for high-performance bore sizing and finishing. This economical system is easy to run and very easy to operate. In many cases you can use existing tooling for even lower production costs.

    The ML-4000 is up to six times faster than I.D. grinding and other honing processes, and you can set up in half the time for greatly increased production efficiencies. Plus, you'll deliver better bore geometry, produce the desirable crosshatch finish, and get longer tool life.

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    Sunnen Products Company

    Sunnen Products Company has been a global leader in the manufacture of honing machines, honing tools, honing abrasives, honing oils/coolants and bore gages since 1924. Sunnen also produce lapping machines and tools as well as honing systems for engine rebuilding and performance race engines.